Build a 75-inch 4K Arcade Machine with ZimaBoard and Batocera.linux

There are still so many retro games out there, and browsing through them one by one, with their memorable names and screenshots, is like going back in time. It’s like going back in time to your own childhood passions and desires)This tutorial will take us back to your early days.

Read this document to learn about other ways to use ZimaBoard and get a quick overview of the diversity of ZimaBoard use

Reasons to choose Batocera:
- > Batocera is one of the easiest ways to turn our ZimaBoard into an attractive retro console with multiple emulators and hundreds of games to enjoy.
- > One of the positive points of Batocera is that it does not modify the internal storage memory of the ZimaBoard or other compatible devices. Remove the memory or the card we use when we do not want to use Batocera, and our machine will return to its original state without any modification. There is a system similar to EmuELEC that we can also try.


Introduce Batocera

Batocera software, based on Debian distribution, is a group of emulators that allows us to load games with their covers and other extras to play in an orderly way dozens of emulators of different machines. To play them, you need the ROMS or ISO of the games. Some of these systems also require the BIOS images of the machine to emulate.

Batocera also supports Android,PC or MacOS computers of all kinds, Raspberry Pi boards, and many portable retro consoles… for which there are exclusive distributions. Batocera installation is simple and easy to configure, its interface is nice and easy to use, and the list of supported emulators is huge.

Introduce Batocera


Things to Prepare in Advance

Batocera Linux

Introduce Batocera

Making a Batocera Image

To install Batocera we need the IMG.GZ file for our device.To download it, we only have to enter the Batocera website and save it on our computer. Then thanks to the balenaEtcher software, we will create the boot drive that will allow us to run the system without modifying our device.

Create boot drive for Batocera

After downloading the necessary files, we can generate the SD memory or USB drive to boot this system, running the Balena program. If it does not work on our device by USB drive is recommended to use an SD card; in any case, we must have the fastest possible drive if we are going to use it with this method.

- step1

We require a microSD card or USB driveas fast as possible, at least 16 GB and a PC card reader.

- step2

Open your Balena and click on Flash from the file and select the Batocera you have just downloaded.

Open balenaetcher

- step3

Select the SD memory or USB drive you need to boot from

choose usb drive

- step4

Enter your host password to start the conversion

choose usb drive

3.Power on ZimaBoard

First boot on ZiamBoard

With the ZimaBoard turned off, we insert the micro SD card or USB drive prepared with Batocera.

Zimaboard Connect Usb

When booting, long press to enter the Bios interface, select the U disk boot

Zimaboard Boot Select The USB Disk

Finally, you are in the Batocera interface

Enter Batocerag

4. Getting Started with Batocera

Handle Usage Rules

Batocera Hotkeys

Batocera may not be suitable for all grips, but it satisfies the rules of use of the mainstream grips on the market.


Batocera is shipped with a selection of free ROMs - games that are freely available and that can be legally distributed.

Play Batocera With Zimaboard

5.Other Configurations

If you want to add your own ROM and BIOS files, you must first get access to Batocera

Find a ZiamBoard IP Address

- Step1 Press the space bar

- Step2 Find NETWORK SETTINGS And Enter

Batocera Setting Nerwork

- Step 3 Find IP address

Batocera Setting Nerwork

- Step 4 Link to ZimaBoard using your computer

Batocera Setting Nerwork

- Step 5 Click on Connect to go to the folder

Batocera Setting Nerwork

iBatocera Setting Nerworkmg

- Step 6 Place the Rom or BIOS you downloaded into the appropriate folder

Please refer to the official tutorial for detailed documentation

Overwriting the Batocera with the Original System

- Step1 Press the space bar and look for SYSTEM SETTINGS

Batocera System


Batocera System

- Step 3 TARGET DEVICE 16 or 32G TARGECT ARCHITCTURE Choose X860_64 ARE YOU SURE?choose yes

Finally click on INSTALL

Batocera System

Discord Card