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Oculus Quest 2 Meet ZimaBoard

Streaming Videos

Skybox is recommended

We tested several players in Oculus Quest 2, and Skybox was the player we found to be the cleanest and easiest to use from our experience.

Feel free to share your choices!

Open Skybox

1. Install the Skybox from the Oculus Store and open it

2. Select Skybox and open it

Using Oculus Select Skybox

Setup CasaOS Shared Folders

1. Then select network

Using Oculus Connect Network

2. Once you are in, select New in the top right hand corner and type in casaos and click confirm

Using Oculus Connect CasaOS

3. NNow, you can see the Data folder under CasaOS’s folder. Once inside, you can select your favorite movie and watch it.

Using Oculus See CasaOS Data

Select Video

Using Oculus See CasaOS Data

Using Oculus See CasaOS Data


Using Oculus See CasaOS Move

Share Your Ways of Playing!

If you have more interesting ways to play, feel free to tell us in Discord!

Let’s bring it to reality together!

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