Get Started with ZimaBoard

First Look at the Home Server

Zimaboard Homeserve

Whether you are an expert or a novice, this Quick Start tutorial will take you through the basic hardware specifications of the ZimaBoard, the basic applications of the pre-built home server, and some basic account permission systems for debugging and development.

With this short tutorial, you will be able to set up a brand-new personal data center in your home in under 15 minutes. Let’s get started!

Hardware Preparation

ZimaBoard Quickstart Preparation

  1. You don’t need to connect your mouse and keyboard to the ZimaBoard; you can access all the services on the ZimaBoard directly through the network after connecting the network cable.
  2. For the first time, it is still recommended that you use the miniDP / miniDP to HDMI with a screen, and remembering your ZimaBoard IP address.

Power and Network Cable Connection

ZimaBoard Connect Power

Get Started with the System in Three Steps

  1. You need a computer
  2. Make sure your computer is connected to the same router as the ZimaBoard

Open a New Tab in your Browser and Enter http://casaos.local

Enter to CasaOS

If you find that /casaos.local cannot access CasaOS, please use the IP address to access the system -Tutorial To Find The IP Address

Enter The System

CasaOS HomePage

Create Your Account

Click on CasaOS Create Account

Create CasaOS Account

Update the System

Updating the system will enable a better experience

CasaOS Update

Have Fun!

CasaOS Main

Default account for Pre-installed Apps


Discord Card