Minecraft Server–Build a Minecraft Server with ZimaBoard


COVID-19 forced us to spend more time with our families. Previously, there was an introduction on how to build a home version of a 4K theater using ZimaBoard. Recently the theater is no longer enough for the family. So we found some fun games at home that are more suitable for adults and children. Good games can make family members closerand improve kid’s creative abilities.

Introduce Minecraft


Minecraft is a sandbox building game created by Markus Persson, founder of Mojang AB, and inspired by Endless Miner, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper. The current lead developer is Jens Bergensten. Players can create and destroy a myriad of cubes in the game’s three-dimensional space and even experience different game modes on multiplayer servers versus single-player worlds to create exquisite buildings, creations, and artwork

Prepare in advance

By default, you know how to use ZimaBoard when reading this tutorial:ZimaBoard Tutorial

Similarly, here you have already purchased a My World account by default:MineCraft purchase link

Item Description
Software MineCraft Installation Links
Paragraph ZimaBoard 216

Start to Build a Minecraft Server

Enter CasaOS


Open the App Store and Select Custom Install

 docker run -d \
-p 25565:25565 \
-v /DATA/AppData/mc-data/:/data \
--name minecraft \

Copy [Cli](https://hub.docker.com/r/itzg/minecraft-server)

Copy Minecraft Server Cli.

Check Environment

Check Minecraft Server Environment


Environment Variables EULA=TRUE

Be sure to always include -e EULA=TRUE in your commands and container definitions, as Mojang/Microsoft requires EULA acceptance.

Opne MY World Client

**Now open the My World client you installed earlier, here it is using MAC **

Click Multiplayer

Open Minecraft Client

Add Server

Add Minecraft Server

Enter your IP address and add 25565

Add Minecraft Server

Add Minecraft Address

If you don’t know your IP address, you can refer to the tutorial—Find Your CasaOS IP Address

Your Minecraft Server is Now Ready!

Show Minecraft Server


Show Minecraft Game Page

Show Minecraft Game Page

Adjusting server parameters

For example

By default, Minecraft servers are configured to run in Survival mode. You can change the mode using MODE where you can either provide the standard numerical values or the shortcut values:

  • creative
  • survival
  • adventure
  • spectator (only for Minecraft 1.8 or later)

docker run -d -e MODE=creative ...

Announce Player Achievements


More Information - Docker Minecraftf Server

Extended Additions

1.Later there will be mc server docker application in CasaOS APP store (realize one minute to one click to install MC Server)

2.Zimaboard & Minecraft Advanced Version Play


The philosophy behind Minecraft is very simple to create a world that belongs to you; please guide your children correctly, participate with your children together, and control the gaming time. I believe you can get more beyond sheer joy and happiness.

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